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Our top 3 reasons for using Virtual Tours in your marketing campaign

Virtual Tours are proving to be a popular choice tool for Estate agents in their marketing campaigns and are a great way to improve your customer journey and stand out to your audience.

If you’re not already using virtual tours in your campaign, then read on to find out our top three reasons as to why you should start using virtual tours in your campaign.


Your customers can go at their own pace

As many of us know, finding your dream home takes time and a lot of consideration. This is why it is important to give your customer the time to take a look around their ideal home.

Look through the Keyhole lets your customers take a look around the property that you are advertising, taking an in-depth look into the rooms just as they would with an estate agent in a viewing.  What’s more, these images are thorough, and the customer can click and drag to explore the property in detail, something that can be lost by looking at images online alone.

Incredibly easy to use

Virtual Tours are easy to use as all the customer needs to do is click on the ‘vantage points’ within the images and drag to take a look around the room that they are in. This is crucial for anyone looking for a new home but particularly useful for those looking to relocate to a new town or city for a job that might not be able to visit the property itself as often as someone local.

Stand out from your competitors

With the ever-changing property market, it’s crucial to offer your customers something new and interesting that your competitors aren’t. Our mobile app uses cutting-edge technology to connect the buyers with the vendor by connecting your images to 360 virtual tours of the properties that you are advertising. Whilst they are viewing the property online, the app is collecting valuable data that you the estate agent can then use to follow up.

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