How are you taking on the rising housing prices?

We have seen some heavy hits to the property market in the last couple of years brought on by Brexit uncertainty, stamp duty rises and an increase to taxation levels on buy-to-let homes. Economists are forecasting a 2-3% increase in annualised house prices.

Is Brexit quite as doom and gloom as the media suggests?

Although Brexit is having an impact on the prices of houses and buyer confidence, Estate Agents can combat it through effective marketing techniques. By ‘effective’ we mean unique, something that will intrigue your customers whilst easing their customer journey.

Tackle the rise in housing prices head on

Estate agents need all the help that they can get with selling their properties whilst the property market is in this current start of uncertainty. Fortunately, there are resources available to forward-thinking Estate Agents that improve the customer journey and save them money in the long run.

Less Wasted Viewings

One of the largest financial burdens to Estate Agents is wasted viewings. Buying a house is the largest purchase that we make in our lives, so it’s understandable that your customers are going to want to explore the selection of properties that you have available in their price range several times. Repeat visits are common and can end up being costly in the long run if the customer changes their mind.

Using our app, you can connect the properties that you advertise in print and online in digital format to virtual tours. Virtual tours are both exciting for the customer as they are still relatively new and also save you the Estate Agent money as you don’t need an employee to show them around the house. Instead, your employees can be chasing and converting leads from the information gathered from those using the app to take virtual tours.

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