New Tech – ‘Look through the keyhole’ with the Vu-AR app

What is ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR?

Vu-AR is an app for progressive estate agents which lets prospects ‘Look through the keyhole’ from a printed photo which takes them online to see more on the property they have chosen – with the benefit of collecting data on their potential customers. Not only is the application great for estate agents, it also makes the customer journey much more pleasant, which is equally as important.

Promote Your Brand

‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR allows the public to view your properties in a fun and engaging way. The customer can do this by simply using the Vu-AR app, and pointing their smartphone at; an image from your website, a print advert, a ‘For Sale’ board, a flyer or any of your other marketing material. It’s a unique and visually rich experience that your customers are likely to remember. The best thing is, they can do this 24/7.


Identify Your Customer

‘look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR also identifies and collects data on your customers. You get the name, date, time and contact of every single prospect interested in any of your properties given to you to follow up. You also get to see; which product or service a potential customer viewed, at what time and how many times. It makes things quick and easy, so you’re all ready to follow up on those leads, armed with all the information you need.


Engage Those Leads

The final thing to do is to start talking to your new-found potential customers at a pivotal time when they’re thinking of buying. As the data is so relevant and up to date its makes it easier for you to engage with potential customers before they have chance to consider moving to your competitors. This is a sure-fire way to make sure you never lose a potential customer to your competitors again!


‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR isn’t technology for the sake of using technology, it offers a visually rich buying experience which makes you stand out from your competitors. It takes advertising that can be traditionally dull and transforms it into something that is entertaining and engaging for your potential customers.


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