Proptech is revolutionising the property market, and here’s why

The property technology or ‘PropTech’ sector as it is more commonly known is now changing the way in which properties are being sold. New technologies in this sector are reinventing the way in which potential purchasers browse the property market and ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR is leading the way.

PropTech applications like Vu-AR allow for consumers to take a tour of their ideal property from the comfort of their living room from their mobile phone, via 360 Virtual Tour or from a ‘walk through’ video, by triggering online content from a printed image.

Let your customers ‘Look through the keyhole’ of their dream property with Vu-AR

‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR has been developed by a team of augmented reality experts with the customers experience in mind but with massive benefit’s for the Estate Agent, of saving time, money & resources in reducing wasted viewings on properties that are not suitable for your prospects.

The easy to use mobile application doesn’t need QR codes or any visible code to work, it simply uses the image as the code. This process allows for the image to seamlessly link (through the internet) to any landing page, video, or even a 360-degree virtual tour that the agent wants to take you to – so linking the ‘real world’ with the ‘online world’, quickly and easily.

In a world where we want everything immediately, ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR gives your prospect exactly that, more info on that property – NOW !

Our application works purely on images, so when the phone is pointed at a television or computer monitor, it sees the link and takes you there. It also works with print images, which is ideal for property listings in the local paper or magazines.

Just imagine, your customer wakes up on Saturday morning, flicks through the paper and finds one of your property listings. They can hover their phone over the advertisement using the Vu-AR app and within seconds be taken to ‘look through the keyhole’ of a detailed 360-degree virtual tour or a video of the property, they chose. Saving them the frustration of having to fumble a web address on their phone which invariably is misspelt !

Once they have taken a ‘look through the keyhole’ and seen that it accommodates their needs, they can tap on the ‘contact us’ icon and are on the phone to an estate agent. It really is that easy to use.

Bring your customer journey to life when you offer ‘Look through the Keyhole’ with Vu-AR technology

Want to test out ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR for yourself? Simply contact us today via our quick and easy form on: and start your 30-day free trial with us.