So, why do properties with a sea view cost more?

East Sussex was noted as being one of the best areas in the UK to sell a property and it’s obvious why. Going to the seaside has been a traditional family holiday in the UK for centuries, with Brighton being one of the most popular tourist locations in the UK.

If you are selling a home along the coast, then you can be looking at making 29% more on your property sale than those further inland. A study carried out by the online estate agent, Tepilo, found that the average asking price for a home along the coast with a sea view is an impressive £304,702 which is approximately £70,000 more than the average asking price for a property inland.

Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

It dates back to the Victorian era when beach huts and promenades were introduced to the public and the UK seaside tourism began to boom. It’s even been proven that living by the sea is a natural mood enhancer with some speculating that people’s moods increase when shown a blue environment instead of an urban setting.

Make sure you are marketing your sea view!

If you are marketing a property that has a sea view, then it needs to be at the forefront of your campaign. Ensure that the coastal views are clear in your virtual tour to really let the buyer get a feel for the beauty of the environment that they could be moving into.

If you are using the app to sell your coastal property, then you can even make the virtual tour the hidden content behind a beautiful image of your sea view! All the customer needs to do is hold their phone’s camera over the image when using the app and they will be whisked away to the virtual tour of their dream coastal home.

All the while, you will be collecting invaluable data on the customer that you can use to follow up at a later date.

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