The importance of knowing your customer avatar

What is a customer avatar?

Firstly, what is a customer avatar? A customer avatar is a fictional representation of a customer that requires the services of your business. Understanding your customer avatar plays an essential role in your marketing plan as it helps you be more targeted with your campaigns.

Do you know your customer avatar?

So, do you feel that you could confidently answer if questioned on your customer avatar? There are still lots of business owners out there that are trying to find their customer avatar and are perhaps still marketing to the wrong audience.

Learn more about your prospects with ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR!

Our app, Vu-AR, is an application for estate agents that allows the public to ‘Look through the keyhole’ (view) their properties in a unique and engaging way.

Using some seriously smart tech, ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR technology allows for you to turn your advertisement images into visible, usable data. That’s right, our application identifies and collects valuable data (that you wouldn’t otherwise see) such as the name, date, time and contact information of every prospect that is interested or has shown interest in the property you are selling.

Engage your customers

Once you have identified your potential leads and formulated a customer avatar, you can engage with them whilst the leads are still hot. ‘Look through the keyhole’ with Vu-AR can help you convert leads quickly, before they get tempted to move on to one of your competitors.

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Vu-AR is THE app for estate agents that are looking to promote their properties, identify their leads, and convert leads efficiently, by letting prospects ‘Look through the keyhole’. If you want to find out more about your customer avatar, then go to and contact Vu-AR about their 30-day FREE trial !