Video is king, and here’s why!

If you’re not using videos in your marketing campaign yet then you need to start doing so, and quickly!

It’s no surprise that video marketing is becoming more and more influential due to the rise of social media and increase in video-only platforms. Instagram recently introduced their IGTV with other social media networking sites planning to release video only platforms in the near future.

Get more user interaction and more sales

Videos can make businesses some serious money in this day and age, with Insivia stipulating that having a video on the landing page of your website can increase your conversions by as much as 83%.

Regardless of your industry, video is a proven success with increasing sales. Videographers can be expensive, however, there are lots of useful applications that you can use to create your own professional looking video content.

An easy way to improve your SEO 

According to an article recently published by Moovly, your business is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if you have video content embedded on your website.

Let your customers look through the keyhole of their dream home with our mobile app!

Once you have made your videos, ensure that they get seen with ‘Look through the Keyhole’!

The app lets you connect image advertisements in both print and digital format, to a landing page, video, virtual tour and more. If you have a promotional video or tour of a property that you are selling, then your customers can literally hold their phone over your ad in the paper and be taken through to your video. Whilst they are watching your video and learning more about their dream home, the app is collecting usable data from the customers that you can then use to follow up on.