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Look through the keyhole by Vu-AR is a lead generating machine
for progressive Estate Agents like you.

How is 'Vu-AR' different?


Our 'Vu-AR' app lets the public view your properties in a fun and engaging way, simply by pointing it at an image from YOUR website, print advert, flyer or other marketing material, 24/7.


It identifies and collects valuable data (you wouldn't otherwise see). Get the name, date, time and contact info of EVERY prospect interested in a property on your desk each morning, ready for you to follow up.


Now start talking to your new-found potential customers at the pivotal moment they're thinking of buying, BEFORE they consider moving on to your competition. Never lose a would-be customer to a competitor again!

Collect the data you need to start talking to people who are thinking
of buying or selling a property - like yours, right NOW!

See how Vu-AR works

Click to see how Vu-AR makes YOUR advertising more entertaining.

When a prospect holds the app over your advertising image, they get to view a property while it collects and then sends their data to you.

It’s extremely user-friendly, highly engaging and fun to use.

Print turns into...

Collect data whilst entertaining your prospects with hidden content

Do more business with
Vu-AR technology

Use Vu-AR to promote and sell properties in a visibly different way
from competitors.

Use Vu-AR to build better
relationships with customers,
and it will tell you:

Vu-AR is not just technology for technology's sake. It delivers a visually rich buying experience that makes you different.

And we're surprisingly cost effective, too.

No more guesswork or lost opportunities. Take your business high tech, while still keeping it user-friendly.

Try Vu-AR completely FREE for 30 days and see all the invisible
data you're currently missing out on!

NB. FREE Trial is on the standard service – data is only available on our V.I.P. subscription service plan

Our Estate Agent Reviews

John Stevens – Stevens & Carter

I knew we had to have it.

"The moment I was shown, how to 'Look through the keyhole' from print with the Vu-AR app, I knew we had to have it.
Our clients will love the ease & functionality of it and we will love collecting their data.
By getting to prospective vendors before my competition, and offering this amazing new service, I have every confidence that my business will continue to grow by attracting even more instructions."

View John Stevens Testimonial

From only £60.00 + VAT per month

Get 50% discount if you don't need the data. There's no minimum contract or long term tie-in.

You can cancel at any time - giving just one full month's notice

(prices vary according to volume – full info available on request)

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